Winter's Sleeping Beauties

Winter's Sleeping Beauties

Winter is an excellent time to start thinking about your landscape and dream about your expectations for Spring. Sleeping Beauties are dormant perennials, trees, and shrubs, such as roses, hostas and many ornamental grasses that die down in the winter and then awaken in spring. By planting dormant perennials, trees and shrubs now, you will be able to reap the benefits of a healthy and thriving landscape when the weather warms up. 

Why Shop Now

There are several good reasons to get a head start on your planting by choosing sleeping beauties during the winter. First of all, the best selection of dormant plants is available now. Popular and new varieties of plants will disappear first and may not be available later on in the spring. Right now while many trees, shrubs and vines are dormant, growers dig their crops and supply local nurseries. The largest selection of plant material is actually available at this time of year.

If you buy a dormant beauty now you can leave them in the pot and wait for a good day to plant them. Just make sure your dormant potted plants get enough water and protect them from the winter’s cold by surrounding them with mulch. 


By Planting Now

The best time to plant sleeping beauties is while the weather is cool, and rain is right around the seasonal corner. So, if you don’t mind the winter rain, your plants will benefit from being planted into the ground now.  Your plant’s root system can become established and acclimated without having to support foliage or flowers. Planting now gives your perennial plants a head start and you’ll be rewarded with healthier, more abundant flowers and foliage during the growing season. Transplant shock is also lessoned during dormancy, giving your plants a better chance of survival and success.  

Always remember to use Transplant Fertilizer to give your plants that extra jump start too. It helps excite the roots and gets them excited about growing!            

Even though your efforts may not look like much when you are finished, your hard work now will pay off handsomely in the spring when your landscape wakes up to its full glory.

Your blueberries could go from just some twigs in the ground to looking like this and producing yummy fruit come Summer!


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