Top 10 Fall Lawn Care Tips

Top 10 Fall Lawn Care Tips

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Spring and summer are the seasons often associated with landscaping and lawn care but tending to lawns and gardens is a year-round job. Maintain your lawn in the fall—be rewarded next spring! The steps you implement below will make the difference between a flourishing, green lawn in the spring or a patchy, brown, weed filled mess.

  1. Fertilize – Lawns need food to aid in root growth throughout the winter. You will be rewarded with a lush, stunning green lawn in the spring.
  2. Water – Lawns need water more than ever in the fall to absorb fertilizer and establish strong roots. Continue watering until winter arrives.
  3. Weed control – Use a broad leaf weed killer and apply before temperatures drop below 50°F during the day.
  4. Rake leaves – Rake leaves as they fall. Grass needs sunlight. Leaves breed disease if left to linger on your lawn through the winter months.
  5. Mulch – Turn those fallen leaves into mulch to provide nutrients for grass.
  6. Aerate – Soil compacts through usage and time. Aerating your lawn will provide the roots a chance to breathe and spread. It also allows water and nutrients to reach the root system easily.
  7. Reseed – Reseed your lawn and fill any holes that look patchy. Work up the soil with a rake, spread grass seed, cover the seed with 1-2 inches of peat moss, and water.
  8. Grub control – Grubs lay eggs during July-August and will grow throughout the winter. They are destructive and will eat grass roots, causing bare spots when spring arrives. Invest in insecticide and don’t give them a chance to do damage.
  9. Mow – Keep your grass two inches tall for the coming winter. Longer grass is susceptible to mold and disease; shorter grass may die in the winter.
  10. Clean up – Don’t leave toys, lawn chairs, etc. sitting on the lawn. Heavy object cause grass to die.

Follow these tips and come spring, you will have a barefoot-ready, envy of the neighborhood lush lawn. Need more gardening info? Check out our Fall Lawn Care Growing Guide for valuable tips and tricks.


  • Clay Carter

    Very helpful information.

  • Trudy Eisenbeis

    What is best to treat moss, and when?

  • Rich

    What is safe fertilizer and and weed control if you have dogs/pets?

  • Michael

    Any suggestions on lawn replacement? Do you sell a mixture of ground cover seeds which can be sown after the turf is removed? Any references on how to accomplish the transition? Any before and after pics from your customers?



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