Urban Jungle: The Houseplant Trend Continues

Urban Jungle: The Houseplant Trend Continues

Amidst the ever-expanding reaches of suburbia and industrialization, more people are looking to benefit from the healthy effects provided by house plants. Even those who lack a green thumb are looking for more ways to implement easy-to-care-for plants in their homes, whether they serve as central pieces to a room or simply provide a table topper in the corner.

This is becoming increasingly popular among Millennials and younger people, in particular. But why has this trend taken off in the last couple of years? Here's why garden centers have begun to cater to those looking to start an indoor plant nursery.

Because we want something to care for

Many critics believe that the houseplant trend has sprung up because people want something to care for, whether they start a plant nursery or simply invest in one or two potted plants.

These plants serve as a small home project for many. People love starting with a small plant and watching them flower and grow over time. It's like watching a pet grow up. After all, your plant has done well because you helped it along on its journey. With even more care and attention, you can achieve even greater feats as you help your plant grow and bloom.

Because life is expensive

Some might claim that getting a pet or having a child can offer even more satisfaction than nurturing a small, green plant. But life has only gotten more expensive with few people sustaining stable jobs.

Living paycheck to paycheck is becoming ever more commonplace. While you have to pay for pet food, veterinary bills, schooling, and more for mammalian friends and family, all your plant needs is a little water, ample sunlight, and the occasional dose of fertilizer. If you're not in a secure financial place to support a child, a plant can serve as a temporary substitute to fill the gap in care you have to offer the world. Because of these rising expenses, it's no wonder that Millennials and older Gen Z-ers make up more than 29% of all gardening households.

Because plants make us feel good

Plants are a wonderful home addition because, put simply, they make us feel good. Not only do plants remove harmful CO2 from the air, but they also provide a more welcoming environment. Humans feel most at ease when they're surrounded by nature. Even investing in a couple of plants and succulents can inspire feelings of comfort, whether you have a green thumb or not.

Plants also give younger people a chance to break away from their screens and look at something worth nurturing. However, many others have managed to find solace in posting about their plants online and collaborating with like-minded plant lovers. Once your plant nursery begins to bloom, this also opens another avenue for posting pictures of our achievements online.

Are you looking to start your own plant nursery to combat the urban jungle? Whether you take advantage of the space in your backyard or hope to begin an indoor garden, rely on Al's Garden Center for all of your yard garden needs.

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