Seasonal Container Refresh

Welcome to Seasonal Container Gardening at Al's Garden & Home!

Discover the joy of transforming your outdoor space effortlessly with the changing seasons through Seasonal Container Gardening Refresh. At Al's, we empower you to refresh your containers independently with our engaging videos and expert plant recommendations.

Winter Container Refresh

Explore Seasonal Container Gardening at Al's with:

1. Educational Videos: Dive into our ever-growing collection of informative videos where our seasoned experts share tips, tricks, and step-by-step guides on refreshing your containers for each season.

2. Easy Refreshes: Learn the art of effortless container refreshing with our easy-to-follow guides and workshops.

3. Seasonal Recommendations: Receive curated plant recommendations for each season, ensuring your containers thrive year-round.

4. Interactive Workshops: Join us for hands-on workshops and live demonstrations, where you can learn and ask questions about container gardening directly from our knowledgeable team.

5. Visual Inspiration: Explore our gallery of stunning container arrangements for every season, sparking your creativity and helping you envision the potential of your outdoor space.

Transform your outdoor space with Al's Garden and Home– join us every season to embark on a journey of creativity, inspiration, and natural beauty. 


Click here for our Winter Container Refresh Video with Judy Alleruzo