Growing Guide: Poinsettia Care Tips

Poinsettias are easy to keep beautiful and blooming throughout the holidays and beyond.

  • Avoid exposing your poinsettia to freezing conditions. Do not leave it in the car while you finish shopping. Take it home and place it inside the house as soon as possible after purchasing it.
  • Place your poinsettia in a spot with bright natural light, but do not expose it to direct sunlight.
  • Do not place your poinsettia in an area where it will be exposed to drafts, heat from appliances, radiators, or ventilation ducts.
  • The color of your poinsettia will last longer in temperatures about 65ºF during the day and 60º-65ºF at night.
  • The soil should be kept moderately moist; check every few days and water when the soil feels dry to the touch. Before watering, remove the plant from the decorative pot cover or foil wrapping; water to saturate the soil. Allow the pot to drain completely. Do not let the plant sit in standing water.
  • Though not poisonous, the plant should be placed away from small children and pets. Ingestion of the plant could cause discomfort if eaten.