Growing Guide: Hanging Basket Care Tips

Here is how to keep your beautiful hanging basket looking fantastic all summer long. With a few simple steps you can keep your basket full and growing strong.

Ensure the Proper Conditions

Allow at least ½ day of sun for sun loving hanging baskets in the hottest part of the day. Hanging baskets that prefer shade need to be protected from the afternoon sun.


Water thoroughly when top 2” of soil are dry to the touch. During the summer months this is typically once a day. Soak until water runs through the drainage hole at the bottom of the container. This watering technique ensures that the available soil has absorbed all the water possible. Baskets that are hanging under the eaves of your roof, may not be getting any of the natural rain other landscape in your yard is receiving, so make sure to water your baskets accordingly. Also, be aware of the wind in your area, as hanging baskets can be particularly susceptible to drying out faster due to wind conditions.


Most gardeners under-fertilize their hanging baskets. We recommend that you fertilize with Al’s Water Soluble® 17-5-17 Fertilizer at least once per week in the early summer, and twice a week as they get larger and the weather heats up. Simply mix Al’s Water Soluble into your watering can or bucket, and water as instructed above.

If desired, you can use place 1 tablespoon of Al’s All Purpose Slow Release® 10-4-8 Fertilizer or Al’s Natural & Organic Slow Release® 8-2-4 Fertilizer in your basket, so that every time you water you are fertilizing your basket.

Protect Against Budworm

Especially when the temperatures start to warm, you might find your hanging basket without any flower buds. Budworms like petunias and many of our sun loving hanging baskets use petunias because of their ability to tolerate hot sun. Budworms either leave bullet holes in your flower petals, or you’ll see their fecal remains as small black spots in and around the leaves. Budworm is easy to prevent and treat by simply applying Captain Jack’s® Dead Bug Brew for pest control.

Deadheading is NOT Required

With proper care, our Grown By Al’s hanging baskets do not require removing spent flowers to encourage a full habit. Just look at the beautiful blooming baskets hanging high in our parking lots - no deadheading required! Al’s Water Soluble® 17-5-17 Fertilizer will help with the dead blooms by pushing new growth over the old before you get a chance to deadhead!