Caring for Houseplants in the Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for houseplants, as the cold weather and dry air can make it difficult for them to thrive. To ensure your houseplants stay healthy during the winter months, it is important to pay attention to their watering and fertilizing needs. Watering should be done more sparingly than in other seasons, as overwatering can cause root rot. Fertilizing should also be done sparingly, as too much fertilizer can burn plants in the cold winter months. Additionally, keeping an eye on the dryness of your plants' soil is essential to ensure they are getting enough moisture without becoming waterlogged. Additionally, indoor heat can cause stress for some plants so it’s important to adjust the temperature accordingly. With proper care, you can enjoy beautiful houseplants all year round! 

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Some of the common signs that your houseplant is in distress and what you can do to help it survive the winter months. 

  • Wilting leaves
  • Discoloration
  • Dropping leaves
  • Inflexible stems and limbs

Environmental stress like lack of water, temperature fluctuations, shorter periods of light, or lack of nutrients can also cause plants to go into dormancy to conserve their energy in order to grow again if or when their living conditions improve. 

Houseplants have periods of dormancy in the year, most often over the winter. They need sleep or a period of dormancy to rest. Knowing whether your plants are dormant or dying can be a bit tricky since many of the symptoms are the same. The typical characteristics of dormancy include wilting, dropping leaves, and even looking completely dead for some plants. Some plants may not put out any new growth over the winter. Check the root system to ensure they are healthy, pliable, and moisture filled. A dormant plant may allow outer roots to perish to conserve energy. If the main roots at the center are alive, remove the rotting sections of roots with a pair of sanitized clippers and put them into fresh, barely damp soil. With proper care, you can enjoy beautiful houseplants all year round! 

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  • John Darby

    What is the best care for a Majestic Palm ? I have mine in a south facing window and seems to require a lot of water. Ive had it for 3 months and repotted it to a larger pot ….it was root bound. please advise.

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