Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Tree Care

Christmas trees are here! It’s time to deck the halls and create festive memories and holiday cheer. Proper care of your tree will keep it looking fresh and amazing throughout the holiday season. Follow the tips and solutions below to eliminate common problems with live Christmas trees.

  1. Select a tree that was recently harvested and stored in a cool place, preferably with moisture. At Al’s Garden & Home, we store our trees outside and water as needed.
  2. Put a fresh cut on the bottom of your tree as soon as you get it home or make sure the tree has been in water since the time it was cut. A fresh cut allows the tree to immediately take up water and ensure a good start.
  3. Fill your tree stand with water immediately after standing your tree. Allowing the tree to run out of water in the warm environment of your home can cause the base of the tree to seal shut, no longer able to take up water.
  4. Treat your tree with WILT-STOP® to seal the needles and prevent them from losing water. WILT-STOP® is an all-natural extract from the resin of pine trees. An application takes only minutes, yet the results are long lasting allowing the tree to stay fresh longer. Try WILT-STOP® on all your live wreaths, greens, and garlands to keep them looking their best throughout the holiday season.
  5. Remember to steer clear of heater registers, fireplaces, and other sources of warm, dry air when you determine the placement of your Christmas tree. These heat sources cause the tree to dry out quicker.
  6. Once the holidays are over, be sure to find a place or organization that recycles trees. To find one in your area, log onto

Follow these steps and you will eliminate the stress of Christmas tree care. You will also extend the life of our tree and live greenery to enjoy through the holidays. Al’s Garden & Home also carries a selection of Everlasting Trees. For more information about helpful tips and holiday inspiration, visit our website. Have a wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas!

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