wooden gazebo and garden furniture in the autumn garden

Dig Into Fall Gardening

Fall is an amazing time to live in Oregon! Traditionally, fall in the Northwest begins on the milder side before the onslaught of winter. This is the perfect time to take a few moments to do a few outdoor projects to help you get ahead for next year. Begin with fall pruning. Dormant perennials should be pruned back and mulched. This is also a great time to divide as many of your overgrown perennials. Doing so helps replanted perennials develop root systems over the winter making for a healthier plant next spring. Pruning branches on dormant shrubs and trees that are fragile and will break off in our wild winter winds, ice, and snow. 

Our Oregon rains are quite acidic which can make lawns turn yellow. If you want to keep your lawn green and lush, apply lime and a slow-release fall fertilizer now. Pesky pests can be an issue in the fall. Slugs traditionally lay batches of eggs in late summer/early fall. Baiting for slugs now will significantly reduce your slug population.  

fall annuals and pumpkins on steps

The colors this time of year are fabulous! There are many beautiful fall blooming annuals that do quite well in the cold weather like pansies and mums. Once you have planted your fall color, remember to mulch your flower beds. By adding mulch, you will improve your soil nutrients, reduce weeds, and control erosion in your beds.  

Now is the time to plant your favorite spring flowering bulbs like hyacinths, alliums, daffodils, and tulips. It’s also time to plant edible bulbs like scallions and garlic. Whether you are planting a flowering bulb or an edible bulb, remember to plant them with Bone Meal or a planting fertilizer like Espoma’s Bulb-tone 

For more fall gardening tips, visit our website and stay in the know to keep your lawn and gardens prepped and ready for spring. 

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