March Perennials’ Elite Eight

March Perennials’ Elite Eight

It’s that time of year…. Madness about Perennials! We’ve selected our Elite Eight for early spring. Perennials are plants that come back year after year, and they can be a great addition to any garden. March is the perfect time to plant perennials because it gives them plenty of time to establish their roots before the hot summer months. Planting perennials in March also allows you to take advantage of the spring rains and cooler temperatures, making it easier for your plants to thrive. With some proper planning and preparation, you can enjoy beautiful flowers and foliage all season long!


Aubrieta or “Rock Cress”

Flowers in pink, burgundy, and purple, mounding habit, blooms in the spring, sun, easy to care for.

Evergreen Ferns

Assorted textured green foliage, evergreen, shade, low-maintenance, trim back old foliage in late winter.

Lavandula stoechas or “Spanish Lavender

Purple flowers with spicy, sweet fragrance. Blooms late spring to frost. Nice fresh cut or dried, sun, drought tolerant after planted for one year.

Bellis or “English Daisy”

Daisy-like flowers with thin petals. Blooms late spring to early summer, sun, abundance of flowers.

Delosperma or “Ice Plant”

Low growing, drought-tolerant plants in a wide color assortment. Blooms late spring to frost, sun, easy to care for.


Mounding, dense perennial with blooms of red, white, and deep pink. Sun or afternoon shade, easy to care for.


Amazing vibrant flower colors of red and pink. Blooms in the spring, sun or afternoon shade.


Pin cushion-shaped flowers in light blue and pink. Blooms from spring to frost, sun, loved by butterflies.


Late March garden chores

March is an important month for gardeners who are looking to care for their perennials. As the weather starts to warm up and the days become longer, it is time to start preparing your perennial plants for the upcoming growing season. From pruning, fertilizing, and mulching, there are many steps that must be taken to ensure that your perennials will thrive throughout the year. Trim back last year’s evergreen fern foliage before new foliage begins to grow later in the spring. Cut back deciduous grasses to the ground.

Mad about spring planting? Visit our website and download our growing guides for successful gardening tips. “Post up” and establish a strong position in your gardening game!


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