Perennial Blooms for June

Perennial Blooms for June

¡Tropicalismo! Garden for Summer

The lush look of tropical plants isn’t just dream in the Pacific Northwest; it can be a reality. There are several hardy perennials with an exotic tropical look to adorn your outdoor space. The keys are to select the right varieties for Zone 7 and Zone 8, planning, as well as proper care. The drama and vivid color of tropical-looking perennials will help you create a backyard paradise. 

Considerations upon planning your garden are soil quality, proper drainage, and sunlight requirements for your selected plants.

  • Form – define spaces
  • Scale – balance, height
  • Pattern – large green leaves, assorted colors, various blooms
  • Color – create the color palette pleasing to you
  • Texture/Layering – contrast (shrubs, tall grasses, flowering plants)

Hardy Tropicals

There is a wide variety of hardy perennials blooms to choose from:


Interesting blue-violet spherical blooms


Globe-shaped, blue-violet flowers


Trumpet-shaped flowers, assorted colors, great cut flowers


Hot colors of yellow to deep red to two-tone, daisy-shaped flowers


Spikes of tubular flowers, assorted colors, loved by hummingbirds


These assorted perennials bloom with a purpose; they return year after year without re-planting. They love full-sun and are hardy for our area. They lend a tropical look in your landscape, gardens, and containers. Create the display you want to see every year in your outdoor space. Perennials do not bloom simultaneously, so select plants that will show off their blooms all season.

Learn more spring and summer gardening tips here.

June is Perennial Month. Come in and see the amazing selections we have for your outdoor paradise!

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