Tips for Proper Houseplant Care

Tips for Proper Houseplant Care

Besides adding color and personality to your house, indoor plants also have tremendous benefits, like lowering your stress levels and improving indoor air quality. So, if you already have houseplants or are planning to get some, it's crucial to learn about proper houseplant care.

Understanding how to best care for your indoor plants will help keep them happy, healthy, and thriving all year round. Here are a few tips:

Determine Your Houseplant's Watering Requirements

How frequently you water your indoor plants depends on various factors, like where the plant is placed, the current environment, and of course, the type of plant you have. So, instead of setting a schedule to water your plants, it's best to water them only as needed. 

One of the best ways to find out when to water your houseplants is by checking the soil. If at least an inch of soil is dry, it's safe to water them! More plants die from overwatering than getting less, so it may be best to hold off watering if the soil is still moist.

Find Out How Much Light Your Houseplants Need

Similar to watering, the amount of sunlight houseplants need to grow beautifully varies. Your plants may require high, moderate, or low light. You can quickly research your plants' sunlight needs to make sure they're in the perfect spot inside your home. Plus, if you're getting new houseplants, it's best to consider whether your home can provide the necessary light it needs to grow.

Fertilize Your Indoor Plants Regularly

Do you want your houseplants to grow strong and beautiful? Fertilize them! Fertilizers provide additional nourishment for your plants, so you can keep them happy and healthy for a long time. Fertilizing your plants is best done during their growing season, typically in the spring and summer.  

Make sure to fertilize your plants only when necessary, as too much can slow down or stop their growth. Talk to an expert if you're unsure how to fertilize indoor plants.

Clean and Prune Your Houseplants

Cleaning and pruning your indoor plants keep them looking nice and fresh. You can clean your plants by gently washing them with room temperature water or by wiping off dust with a damp cloth. In pruning, you can simply remove dry and dead leaves, stems, or flowers whenever you can. Doing this encourages new growth and prevents your houseplants from getting pests and diseases.  

Talk to an Expert for Your Houseplant Needs

Now that you know about some of these tips, you can better care for your indoor plants at home. Al's Garden & Home's plant stores have a wide selection of houseplants and gardening supplies for your every need. To make your indoor gardening journey worthwhile, visit our stores at Sherwood, Woodburn, Gresham, and Wilsonville, OR today!

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