Al's Garden and Home Brand


      As a local, family-owned business, we take immense pride in providing you with exceptional products that will help your garden thrive. When you choose Al's Garden and Home, you not only benefit from our commitment to excellence but also support your community in a meaningful way.  In developing our Al’s Branded products, we draw on our 50 years of experience as a commercial grower to develop products that we know will help you succeed right here in the Northwest.

      Discover the unparalleled benefits of selecting our trusted brand for all your gardening needs.

      Al's Potting Soil: At Al's Garden and Home, we believe that healthy plants start with quality potting soil. Our carefully sourced and crafted blend is the same potting soil we use in our greenhouses, bedding plants, and hanging baskets.  With our premium soil products, you can create the perfect foundation for vibrant and beautiful containers, hanging baskets, and gardens.

      Al's Premium Compost: Enhance your soil's viability and structure with our premium compost. Made from organic materials, our compost enriches your garden soil while improving drainage moisture retention which fosters a healthy microbial environment. With the added mycorrhizae and beneficial fungi for strong root development, Al's Garden and Home compost will help your plants flourish.

      Al’s Family of Fertilizers

      Al's Water Soluble Fertilizer: Give your plants a boost with our water-soluble fertilizer. Designed to provide your plants with a balanced and potent blend of nutrients, our fertilizer promotes robust growth, abundant blooms, and a thriving garden ecosystem. Trust Al's Garden and Home to deliver fertilizers that nourish your plants from root to tip.

      Al’s All Natural and Organic Transplant Fertilizer:  Fortified with beneficial mycorrhizae fungi and microbes, Al’s All Natural and Organic Transplant Fertilizer is the perfect organic solution to give all your plants the head start they need.  It is specially formulated to help prevent transplant shock and encourages a strong, healthy root system.  Use Al’s Transplant Fertilizer when planting vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, or hanging baskets to ensure your plants thrive.

      Al’s All Natural and Organic Slow Release 8-2-4 Fertilizer offers natural sources of essential nutrients to promote vigorous, healthy plant growth, and produce bountiful yields, lush growth, and brilliant flowers. Formulated with a broad spectrum of nutrients that are slowly released as a plant needs them, this fertilizer nourishes your plants worry-free throughout the growing season.

      Al’s Slow Release All Purpose 10-4-8 Fertilizer is a unique fertilizer that uses a superior blend of ingredients that not only gives your plants an immediate, gentle shot of nutrition at the time of application, but also gives sustained feeding over the growing season.  This is a superior all-purpose fertilizer suitable for landscape and containers use, producing vigorous, high-quality blooming and non-blooming plants - giving them the right nutrition for our Northwest climate.

      Al’s Garden and Home has partnered with our manufacturers to develop a family of fertilizers to help gardeners succeed in the Northwest.  Drawing on our experience as a grower, we have formulated both organic and conventional blends perfect for our Northwest climate.