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Al's Premium 3-Way Mix (BULK)

Al's Premium 3-Way Mix (BULK)


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Al’s Premium 3 Way

  • 1/2 yard: 646 lbs. 
  • Yard: 1293 lbs. 

    A premium mixture of top-grade sphagnum peat moss, fine bark and pumice mixed with aged, composted plant material from Al’s growing operations and garden centers, combined with composted manure. Al’s Premium 3- Way Mix is better for your plants than most standard 3-way mixes because the compost adds microbial activity that plants thrive on. Screened for a beautiful, consistent texture, this mix is perfect for new plantings and for amending your soil.

    • Bulk is available for Pick Up or Delivery at our Sherwood and Woodburn stores.
    • Delivery is currently scheduling 2 weeks out. 
    • Quantity Requirements for Delivery: Minimum 3 Yards - Maximum 8 Yards.
    • Bulk Products can not be mixed for delivery.  Only one type of bulk per delivery.
    • Each variety of bulk material requires a separate delivery fee.
    • For Delivery please leave a note at Check Out and someone from the Al's Team will contact you to set up delivery and collect the delivery fee.
    • Delivery prices are pictured as product image on this page.  
    • For Pick Up please follow the instructions in your pick up e-mail and we will give you further instructions upon your arrival at the store. 
    • If you would like more information before placing your order please contact us. 

     How Much Product Do I Need? 

     Calculate how many cubic yards are needed by using the following formula: 

    • L = length (in feet) 
    • W = width (in feet) 
    • D = depth (in inches) 
    • (L x W x D x .083)/27 = cubic yards  

     By The Numbers 

    • 27 – one cubic ft. bags = 1 cubic yard of product 
    • 13.5 – two cubic ft. bags = 1 cubic yard of product 
    • 9 – three cubic ft. bags = 1 cubic yard of product 
    • 4 X 4 ft. raised bed 1 ft. deep requires .6 yards 
    • 4 X 8 ft. raised bed 1 ft. deep requires 1.2 yards 
    • 8 X 10 ft. flower bed 2 inches deep requires .5 yards 

    How Should I Pick It Up?

    • Compact Truck - (Chevrolet Colorado – S10, Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma) 
      • Al’s Premium 3 Way: delivery recommended 
    • Half-Ton Truck - (Chevrolet 1500, Dodge Ram 1500, Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra) 
      • Al’s Premium 3 Way: 1 yard 
    • Three-Quarters Ton Truck - (Chevrolet 2500, Dodge Ram 2500, Ford F-250) 
      • Al’s Premium 3 Way: 1 yard 

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