Grown By Al's Ordering Procedures


Minimum order per variety is one flat.


Cancellations are only accepted 12 weeks prior to ship date. Al’s will try to resell cancelled orders but will bill for any plants cancelled and not resold after the 12 week cut off.

Order Deadlines

Orders from availability to be shipped, as well as any order changes, must be received by 9:30 AM PST Wednesday prior to the Monday ship date. Any new orders from the availability that are customer pick-ups require 72 hours notification.

Substitutions & Shortages

Al’s will not make substitutions without prior customer notification. With shortages or backorders, we will notify the customer in advance to arrange a substitution or new ship date.

Order Pickup

All orders F.O.B. Al’s Greenhouse, Hubbard location. Customers will be notified on Monday of the ship week and may pick up anytime between the hours of 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM Tuesday through Friday.


Freight is not included in plant price. There is a $11.00 boxing fee per box on all boxed orders. Orders placed by or through brokers freight will be billed to the individual broker account numbers or freight collect to the customer. Al’s ships FED EX, UPS, most major airlines, and Oak Harbor. All freight charges and claims due to shipping should be made through the shipping company and are the responsibility of the receiving customer.

Warranty / Guarantee

Al’s Garden Center & Greenhouses guarantees that our product will be viable when received. Claims will be limited to the amount of purchase price only for Al’s product and must be accompanied with a digital picture of the product. All claims must be received within 10 days of receipt of product.

Vegetative Tray Sizes

51 Tray 50 Tray
Sold as 50
8 per case
Sold as 50
4 per case


We ship tags with plants but reserve the right to ship separately. Some breeders require that one label or tag is included with each plant sold by default, others do not. Please contact your broker representative for questions on tag requirements for specific varieties.

Suntory Genetics Syngenta Genetics Sakata Genetics
$0.06 each
$0.04 each
$0.06 each

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