GROWING GUIDE: Planting Asparagus

Step 1

Select a planting site with full sun and good drainage. If you have

poor drainage, make a raised bed at least 6 inches tall. Add good organic material such as mushroom or general compost, potting soil, etc. Mix these amendments with your own soil and make a trench at least 8 inches deep.

Step 2

In the bottom of the trench add transplant fertilizer and cover with

2 inches of soil. Next, place the asparagus plants 12 inches apart with crowns facing up. Gently spread the roots of the plants and cover them with 1 to 2 inches of soil. 

As the plant grows continue to cover the crowns with soil. By the first season the soil should be level with the top of the bed. Top dress asparagus beds with soil builder to preserve moisture and prevent weeds.

Step 3

The first year - Do not harvest, but remove foliage after frost.

The second year - Cut asparagus lightly - only the spears that are thicker than a pencil.

The third year - Harvest and enjoy!

To harvest, slice the spears off just below the soil surface with a sharp knife; take care not to slash new growth, under the ground or above. The spears can also be snapped off by hand if the spear is broken off below ground level.