4 Houseplants That Repel Insects

4 Houseplants That Repel Insects

Summertime is upon us, meaning there will be bright, sunny days ahead that are perfect if you have summer flowers or vegetables in your patio or backyard. However, this is also the time when pesky bugs may invade your home. Besides causing inconvenience, insects like mosquitoes may also carry diseases that may put your family at risk.

In combating these unwanted guests in your home, there are bug sprays and insecticides you can use. But, if you want a safer and more natural method to get rid of insects, you can add insect-repelling plants to your home. 


Although basil is one of the most used ingredients in many dishes because of its taste and smell, insects aren’t its biggest fans. Because of its intense scent, placing a pot of basil near your doorways or around the kitchen will help repel mosquitoes, flies, and even moths. Basil is also easy to grow! So, it’s perfect even for beginners.


If you want an indoor plant that wards off insects but also gives your home a pop of color, be it red, yellow, or lavender, chrysanthemums are a great choice! They contain a neurotoxin called pyrethrin, which is a powerful insect repellant that can fend off roaches, lice, ticks, and bed bugs.

The pyrethrin in chrysanthemums is not toxic to cats, dogs, and birds. So, if you have pets at home, you can safely add these vibrant flowers to various parts of your house.


Also known as the mosquito plant, citronella is well-known as a fantastic mosquito repellant. While the lemony scent it emits when placed around the house is already effective, you can also crush up citronella leaves to make the aroma stronger.


Aside from being a beautiful, fragrant flower, lavender is also amazing at keeping pests out of your home. This flowering plant produces oils that repel various insects, like moths, beetles, and mosquitoes. Lavender also aids in keeping your nervous system calm and relaxed, helping you sleep better and longer, so placing one inside the bedroom will help maximize its benefits.

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