Container Planting Excitement

Container Planting Excitement

Brighten up your outdoor spaces 

Hanging baskets, pottery, container plants, oh my! So many options to beautify the sunniest and shadiest of spaces. Beautiful and bold containers create a statement. They welcome guests and are inviting on porches, entryways, and decks. Striking pots and unique planters help you showcase your style. There are so many different combinations of plants that may be used to create different textures, height, and definition to subtle corners. When combined with colorful and blooming annuals, you will be the envy of your neighbors. 


Hanging baskets 

Al’s has an amazing selection of baskets ranging in size from 10”-16”, sun and shade. Observe the amount/duration of sunlight or shade is generated in the area you want to hang a Flowering Basket. Light patterns change from season to season. Pay attention to the amount of sunlight during the late Spring and Summer months. Each hanging basket has a hang tag indicating where the basket will perform best. 

Maintain your gorgeous blooms by: 

The combination of slow release and water-soluble fertilizer will ensure the plants will continue to flower all summer long. Shade hanging baskets may not need daily watering. Ensure they do not dry out, but are kept evenly moist. The wind also plays a part in drying out plants in sun or shade. 

Water hanging baskets thoroughly until water from the bottom. This guarantees the entire root ball is saturated. If the basket has dried out too much, it may need to be rehydrated. Water slowly so it is absorbed. Add an additional watering about 20 minutes after the first watering. Monitor full sun hanging baskets in full sun as the summer progresses. On hot days, water the basket in the morning and check it again in early afternoon to see if it needs additional water. Remember that 5:00 pm is the hottest time of day.  

Types of plants to use 

Sun - Petunias, Calibrachoa, Verbena, Bidens, Geraniums, Dark color Ipomoea (Sweet Potato Vine), Helichrysum, Lantana, Sunpatiens, Pentas, Osteospurmum, Solar Begonias 

Shade- Shade Tolerant Coleus, Lamium, Bacopa, Torenia, Golden/Chartreuse color Ipomoea (Sweet Potato Vine), Impatiens, Wax leaf Begonias, Fuchsias, Tuberous Begonias, Lysimachia, Lobelia 

Morning Sun/afternoon Shade- Bacopa, Lobelia, Verbena, Osteospermum, Fuchsias, Lamium, Lysimachia 


  • Select your container 
  • Material - Ceramic, Wood, Light-weight (Japi) 
  • Size – Select a size proportional to the space of the deck, front porch, or patio 
  • Usage, single container as a focal point, two containers, one on each side of a door, walkway etc, or in groups of three or five, usually an odd number, can be same color or complimentary color/textures and assortment of container sizes 
  • Location will determine what will grow best in the container. Always select plants that require the same sunlight or shade and watering needs. 
  • Select your plants and soil. Use Al’s Garden & Home All Purpose soil for the entire container, especially for trees and shrubs. Using a filler of inert materials will eventually compromise the plant’s roots and ability to keep soil moist enough for the trees and shrubs. 

For mixed containers, add in plenty of plants to create a container that looks finished, full, and room to bloom. You don’t want to wait until August to admire lovely blooms. 

  • Trees – Select small-growth trees or plan to add to landscape once it outgrows the container. Add in blooming annuals to create a full container. 
  • Shrubs - Select small-growth shrubs or plan to add to landscape once it outgrows the container. Add in blooming annuals to create a full container. 
  • Flowers - Choose flowers that have different shapes of round and spikey or whatever is pleasing to you. Add in plants with cascading habits and foliage plants like Dracaena or Purple Fountain Grass for added height, texture, and motion to the container. 
  • Herbs - Choose Herbs you and your family love in their meals. Place herb containers outside the kitchen door if possible so it’s handy for meal preparation. Prune herbs ensuring to increase foliage for the next culinary dish. Herb flowers are great to add to fresh salads or as a garnish.  
  • Fruit/Vegetables - Choose new varieties bred to be planted in containers.  

Trees, shrubs, or perennial containers need less fertilizer, slow release once a month is sufficient. Repot or root prune and refresh soil every 2-3 years. No need to contain your excitement any longer! Come into Al’s and dream, create, inspire, and enjoy container planting. 



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