Twelve Days of Poinsettias

Twelve Days of Poinsettias

Did you know Al’s Garden & Home grows thirty varieties of poinsettias? The poinsettia, Euphorbia pulcherrima, is a classic winter holiday plant that adds color and beauty. We begin with high-quality cuttings from breeders in Mexico and Central America. These gorgeous annuals take care and attention while they are growing. Daily care consists of pinching cuttings, fluffing the leaves, and correctly spacing the plants on tables to avoid touching. The spacing produces wide, full-blooming plants rather than tall, leggy ones.

Grown By Al's Poinsettias

Below are a few of the thirty varieties of Grown by Al’s poinsettias. You could choose twelve varieties (or more) for your home from Al’s.





Candy Wintergreen



Aurora, Beauty Cinnamon, Beauty Marble, Feelings Pink, Glory Red, Glory White, Morning, Mouse

Cortez Burgundy


Holly Berry



Combo, Soft Pink, White Pearl

Norwin Orange



Ice Crystal, Picasso


Dark Pink, White

Red Glitter







Grown By Al's Poinsettias

Tips and myths about poinsettias

Expert research in a variety of fields prove that poinsettias are not actually poisonous. Poinsettias contain an irritant milky sap that can cause some mild discomfort. Symptoms include irritated skin and upset stomach, but research shows no evidence of long-term effects from eating poinsettias. The milky sap can also lead to some inflammation if it touches your pet's skin or eyes. The effects of ingestion or exposure are usually not severe; it's rare for your cat or dog to require a visit to the vet unless these issues persist. It is safe to keep a poinsettia if you have a cat or dog. If your pet is partial to chewing on plants, then place the plants out of reach.

Grown By Al's Poinsettias

Caring for your poinsettias at home

Poinsettias prefer warm temperatures and can be damaged if left in the cold for too long. Remove the sleeve as soon as you get home. Select a spot in your home that receives bright, indirect light, avoiding drafts or heat sources. If your plant begins to drop its leaves, move it to a brighter location. Water your plant thoroughly after the surface of the soil dries out (an average of 2-3 days). Overwatering is a common reason for poinsettia issues. Use only fresh water, enough so the pot is evenly moist and begins to drain out of the bottom of the pot. For additional care tips for your poinsettias, click the link below to keep the blooms looking gorgeous throughout the holiday season.

Grown By Al's Poinsettias

Read and download our Growing Guide for more Tips on how to care for you poinsettias

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  • Cynthia Simon

    Hello, Al’s. I just wanted you to know that I purchased 4 “pink” and 1 “white” (more of a pale gold, but still pretty) poinsettias from a fundraiser that was held by the Century High band. Your quality of flower has always been exceptional, and again did not disappoint, and I was more than happy that you partnered again with Century in this way. However, your care instructions are not included with these flowers. A paper paper was included with something to be scanned, but I am old and do not scan such things. Is there any way that you could you please just print and include your instructions as you did last year? That would be helpful to people like me who do not use smart phones. I know that there are only a few of us that live in the stone age, but having the printed instructions to hang on a frig last year was efficient and enjoyable. Thanks for growing the beautiful flowers, and thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts, Cynthia

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