Why are my Plants Looking Different?

Why are my Plants Looking Different?

Why are my Plants Looking Different?

You might be wondering as the weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter why your plants look different. For some of them, it is time to go dormant for the winter and protect themselves. Here are a few tips on how to help them survive the winter!

The days are getting shorter and colder so that is why some plants begin to stop producing chlorophyll. That is why you see leaves turn colors and some plants start to die back. Don’t worry they are not dying on you! They are just protecting themselves from the weather to come.

Depending on the plant, you can leave the foliage to protect the plant or take it away and clean it up.

Hosta plants for example; it is better to clear the dead foliage away to prevent slugs from nesting in them all winter and having a fresh new meal when the new leaves start pushing.

Grasses on the other hand provide textural interest throughout the winter in your flower beds.

Echinacea or Rudbeckias could be left out throughout the winter because they provide food options for wildlife. It is good to leave the seed heads for the birds to snack on.

Some plants need their blooms to re-seed come spring. If you do not like looking at the dead foliage in the air you can cut it back and leave it on the ground to re-seed next year.


Mulching is great protection from the colder winters. By leaving leaves or organic matter around the roots of the plant you can add an additional layer of protection for your plants.

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Kill Slugs.

Put slug bait around the crowns to prevent slugs from getting under ground and eating the crown of the plant. As the weather gets colder the slugs will try and find anything they can get, so protect your plants before they get to them!

Hazelnut shells also make for great slug deterrents because they do not like sliding over the sharp edges. They also make for attractive ground cover! You can buy them by the yard or half yard in our online shop and get them delivered to your home!

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Fall is a great time to plant and divide.

Plants can become overcrowded when left alone. Fall is a great time to divide your perennials and replant them somewhere else to give them more room!

When planting do not forget Transplant fertilizer! It helps the roots get a head start come Spring by encouraging root growth in the fall.

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Don’t forget now is a great time to plant new plants! If something is getting too big for an area or you just need a refresh. It is always fun to shop for new plants and enhance our environments.

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