Winter Container Planting: Standalone Plants

Winter Container Planting: Standalone Plants

There is a certain sophistication about a single plant or shrub in a container. The simplicity of one beautiful plant in the perfect pot can complement any indoor or outdoor space. Winter is the perfect time to consider single plant containers. There are several trees, shrubs, and perennials that fit the bill and look great in the winter.

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The simple elegance of a single plant in a container also means less clutter in a pot and an excellent way to show off a specimen plant, or a plant with the potential to be a living piece of art. Consider your space, whether it is a doorway, entryway, or adding life to a large patio. Doorways and entryways can be tall and narrow, less floor space, while a patio or deck can accommodate a wider plant and container or grouping of single plant containers.

Some guidelines for selecting a plant and container are:

  • Mimic the shape of the plant you use with the container.
  • Tall, skinny plants (think ‘Skypencil’) will need a taller container to balance the look.
  • Short, wide plants (think ‘Gold Coast’ English holly) will need a low-profile container.
  • General rule of green thumbs: total height is 1/3 container, 2/3 plant.

If you choose to make a single container, play it safe and match the hue of the container to the plant. For example, a blue green ‘Wiehorst’ hybrid pine would look amazing in a blue pot where it can show off its depth of color. Just pay attention to the hues and stick in the same color palette between plants and containers. You want to avoid stark contrasts.

Grouping several container plants provides more leeway regarding color, height, variety, etc. As long as something unifies the group by pot color, plant color, plant texture, your display will be stunning! If you have a large space to work with, using an odd number of pots planted with single plants can be an amazing vignette.

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