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Medium Fresh Fir (BULK)

Medium Fresh Fir (BULK)


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Medium Fresh Fir 

  • 1/2 yard: 444 lbs. 
  • Yard: 888 lbs. 

This bark is a beautiful, burnished red that is showy in any flower bed and is by far the most popular choice. This perfect blend of nickel-sized pieces with fine Northwest bark dust creates instant color and texture in the yard. A “big bang for your buck” look. Always a favorite for the gardener who is looking for an organic addition to the soil that packs in nutrients that plants feed on. This is the industry standard and one that allows for protection of plants in the winter and helps hold in moisture around your plants during dry weather.

  • Bulk is available for Pick Up or Delivery at our Sherwood and Woodburn stores.
  • Delivery is currently scheduling two weeks out.
  • Quantity Requirements for Delivery: Minimum 3 Yards - Maximum 8 Yards.
  • Each variety of bulk material requires a separate delivery fee.
  • For Delivery please leave a note at Check Out and someone from the Al's Team will contact you to set up delivery and collect the delivery fee.
  • Delivery prices are pictured as product image on this page.  
  • For Pick Up please follow the instructions in the pick up e-mail and we will provide further instructions upon arrival at the store. 
  • If you would like more information before placing your order please contact us.

How Much Product Do I Need? 

Calculate how many cubic yards are needed by using the following formula: 

  • L = length (in feet) 
  • W = width (in feet) 
  • D = depth (in inches) 
  • (L x W x D x .083)/27 = cubic yards  

By The Numbers 

  • 27 – one cubic ft. bags = 1 cubic yard of product 
  • 13.5 – two cubic ft. bags = 1 cubic yard of product 
  • 9 – three cubic ft. bags = 1 cubic yard of product 
  • 4 X 4 ft. raised bed 1 ft. deep requires .6 yards 
  • 4 X 8 ft. raised bed 1 ft. deep requires 1.2 yards 
  • 8 X 10 ft. flower bed 2 inches deep requires .5 yards 

 How Should I Pick It Up?

  • Compact Truck (Chevrolet Colorado – S10, Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma) 
    • Medium Fresh Fir: ½yard 
  • Half-Ton Truck - (Chevrolet 1500, Dodge Ram 1500, Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra) 
    • Medium Fresh Fir: 1½- 2 yards (bed size allowing) 
  • Three-Quarters Ton Truck - (Chevrolet 2500, Dodge Ram 2500, Ford F-250) 
    • Medium Fresh Fir: 2 yards (bed size allowing) 

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