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Star® Roses Climbing Rose - 'Iceberg'


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 'Iceberg' Climbing Rose
Rosa 'Iceberg'


Introducing Star® Roses Climbing Rose - 'Iceberg', the perfect addition to any garden. This beautiful climbing rose is known for its stunning white blooms that will add a touch of elegance to any space.

'Iceberg' is a vigorous grower and can reach heights of up to 10 feet, making it perfect for covering walls, fences, and trellises. Its abundant blooms appear in clusters and are produced throughout the season, providing a constant display of color.

In addition to its beautiful blooms, 'Iceberg' is also known for its disease resistance. Its glossy green foliage is resistant to common rose diseases, such as black spot and powdery mildew, making it an easy-to-maintain choice for any gardener.

So why wait? Add the Star® Roses Climbing Rose - 'Iceberg' to your garden today and experience the beauty and elegance it brings to your outdoor space.

Full Sun


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