Accent Decor Jett Self Watering Pot


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The ceramic "Jett" pot by Accent Decor is sure to be a successful pot for your thirsty and dramatic plants. The Jett Pot has an exposed rope held in place at the bottom of your pot making contact with your potting soil while dipping down into the water reservoir. This pot can also be used as a traditional pot and saucer by simply removing the rope at the base of the pot. 

  • Dimensions:
    • Small: 4.5" W x 5"H with saucer (3.5" w/o saucer) x 4" Opening
    • Medium: 6"W x 7" H with saucer (5" w/o saucer) x 5.25" Opening
    • Large: 8"W x 9" H with saucer (5.75" w/o saucer) x 7.5" Opening
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Drainage: Yes

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