Virginia Blue Fern - 'Blue Star'


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Blue Star Fern

Phlebodium aureum

The Blue Star Fern does well in low-light conditions well-draining soil and frequent watering. The foliage of this fern is a dusky-green color making it an interesting addition to any room.  

In the wild this fern grows on trees, using them for support but not drawing nutrients from them. In this way, it is similar to air plants and Christmas cactus.

Although this plant may not appear like most ferns, this plant still shares the same taxonomic order of Polypodiales with a plant more recognizable as the Sword Fern.

  • Unique flat fronds that are wider with a dusky blue-green color. 
  • Container size: 6"

Tolerates Low light
Loose, well-draining mix

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