Clematis - 'Boulevard® Zara'™

Clematis - 'Boulevard® Zara'™


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'Boulevard® Zara'™ Clematis

Clematis 'Boulevard® Zara'™

Clematis 'Boulevard® Zara'™ is a stunning, fast-growing vine that will offer your garden a wealth of colour. Its vigorous habit and reliable, long-lasting blooms will give you plenty of visual interest season after season.

Growing this plant with a trellis, or support structure will provide it with several benefits as it continues to grow, check out the trellises we have in stock!

  • Light mauve-blue flowers with rosy-mauve bars.
  • Blooms in late spring and again in early fall.
  • Very compact, free-flowering climber.
  • Container size: 1 Gallon

Sun or PM Shade
3-4 ft.


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