Gresham Birdhouse Rooftop Workshop, Chicks and Hens
Gresham Birdhouse Rooftop Workshop

Gresham Birdhouse Rooftop Workshop


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Hatch Up Some Fun! Birdhouse Rooftop Hens & Chicks Workshop 

Calling all bird enthusiasts and creative minds! 

Join us for a unique workshop where you'll design and plant a stunning, eco-friendly rooftop garden for your feathered friends. Hens and chicks, also known as sempervivums, are low-maintenance succulents that thrive in shallow spaces, making them perfect for birdhouse roofs. 

In this workshop, you'll: 

  • Learn about the benefits of birdhouse rooftop gardens for birds and the environment. 
  • Get creative! Design your own miniature rooftop garden using colorful hens and chicks varieties. 
  • Gain hands-on experience in planting and caring for these resilient succulents. 
  • Take home your very own birdhouse adorned with a beautiful, bird-friendly rooftop garden. 

This workshop is perfect for: 

  • Bird lovers who want to attract more feathered friends to their yard. 
  • Gardeners who enjoy creating unique and sustainable planters. 
  • Anyone who wants to unleash their creativity in a fun and eco-friendly way. 

No prior planting experience necessary! All materials and instruction are included. So come join us for a morning of creativity, sustainability, and a celebration of our feathered friends! 

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