Semi-Dwarf Apple Tree
Semi-Dwarf Apple Tree
Semi-Dwarf Apple Tree

Semi-Dwarf Apple Tree


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The Semi-Dwarf Apple Tree is a perfect choice for those with smaller gardens or limited space. Growing to a mature height of only 10-12 feet, this tree is perfect for backyard orchards and can even be grown in pots or containers. Despite its smaller size, the Semi-Dwarf Apple Tree is still capable of producing a bountiful harvest of delicious apples each year.

This tree is also easy to care for, requiring minimal pruning and maintenance. Its compact size makes it easier to reach all of the fruit, making picking and harvesting a breeze. Plus, with a wide variety of apple varieties available, you can choose the perfect tree for your taste and climate. From crisp, tart Granny Smith apples to sweet, honeyed Honeycrisp, the Semi-Dwarf Apple Tree has something for everyone.

  • Container size: 7 gallon

Full Sun
12'- 15'

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